Are you seeking a dynamic MENTAL WELL-BEING & RESILIENCE speaker who will activate your audience?


Tammie Horton is an author, international speaker and Principal Master Instructor of Mental Health First Aid. She has trained hundreds of people, across multiple industries throughout Australia and she is obsessed with preventing people who are experiencing poor mental health from ending up in mental health crises.

After living through traumatic experiences, she figuratively set herself on fire and started her rebirth, rising from the ashes of her former life. She lives and breathes the principles of the PHYNIX – Passionate, Hope-Full, Young At Heart, Noetic, Indomitable and Xtraordinary.

Tammie has reinforced her lived experience with extensive studies in mental health practice and incorporates her love of playing the ukulele, drums and all things mystical to promote social and emotional development.

Tammie has seen the future of mental health. She is dedicated to helping you and your organisation to overcome and evolve through adversity to build a culture of community, connection, and mental well-being.

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Set Your "SELF" on PHIRE

Torment and distress can burn you up and destroy you or redeem you. It can deliver you into a world of darkness and despair or deliver you into your higher self. The choice is yours! Tammie shares her life-changing, confronting yet powerful story about how she reached the lowest point of her life but, more importantly, how she got her life back to live the life of a Phynix.

Whether you are an individual or a leader, this will help build your own resilience and that of your tribes, in turn leading to better mood, performance, & productivity.

In this session, you will discover:

  • How to spot the early signs of mental health challenges
  • 3 secret ingredients to overcome adversity
  • The 6 principles of the PHYNIX.

Why Not Kum By Yah?

Since the very beginning of humanity and civilisation, music has been used to inspire and uplift, be a siren song to action, and tell stories that ultimately stimulate great change in the hearts of humankind and the actions of leaders. If we are going to solve the wicked problems of our day, such as homelessness, mental illness, substance addiction, and domestic violence, what better way is there than through the power of music and rhythm.

Be prepared to join in for the chorus as Tammie encourages you to join together to ‘Come By Here’ and help those in need. 

In this session, you will discover:

  • The forgotten history of Kumbayah
  • How music supports human bonding
  • 3 ways music can heal and transform

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"Tammie was absolutely sensational in her presentation!! She was extremely engaging, so helpful and full of up to date knowledge in the Mental Health Industry. She truly deserves 5 STARS. I enjoyed her very interactive class and she kept us busy and motivated over both sessions. I loved her real life stories she shared with us so generously and how she answered all our questions. Tammie is brilliant at what she does and that is helping people. She has taught me so much about Mental Health!! Amazing work Tammie!!"
Dani Markovski
Course Participant
"I just heard Tammie Horton speak and far out, what a powerful message. Not only has she got some really great stories that really help anyone go through anything, but she'll also back it up with some great tangible outcomes that can help anyone at all, get from where they are today, to where they really want to be. I highly recommend Tammie as your next speaker."
Sam Cawthorn
CEO & Founder, Speakers Institute
An amazing story of strength and resilience that inspires each and every one of us to share our journey to be brave and stand tall because we are worth it.
Pattie Hudson
CEO PHN Central Queensland