Who I work with

I work with corporate leaders, teams, organisations and individuals, who want to sustainably drive a culture of mental well-being and resilience from the boardroom to the lounge room.

As MENTAL WELL-BEING and RESILIENCE are universal, I work across all industries at all levels.

Why they work with me

Individuals and organisations choose to work with me when they have a compelling need to build mental well-being and resilience, but don’t always know how. They are concerned about increasing stress, and declining mental health in the workplace. They want to future-proof themselves, their teams, and their organisations. They seek a partnership to build their capability in MENTAL WELL-BEING and RESILIENCE, to drive personal, and professional and business GROWTH in a sustainable way.


COACHING programs for MENTAL WELL-BEING and RESILIENCE are offered to corporate executives, leaders and professionals in two ways:


Where an organisation seeks to invest in leadership capability.


Where an individual seeks to invest in their own personal and professional development.


Workshops / Training

Workshops are focused on building capability in MENTAL WELL-BEING and RESILIENCE.

Workshops may be adapted to suit organisational needs. 

Information on the full range of workshops and training courses available can be found on the Phynix Initiative website.