Who I work with

I work with corporate leaders, teams, organisations and individuals, who want to sustainably drive a culture of mental well-being and resilience from the boardroom to the lounge room.

As MENTAL WELL-BEING and RESILIENCE are universal, I work across all industries at all levels.

Why they work with me

Individuals and organisations choose to work with me when they have a compelling need to build mental well-being and resilience, but don’t always know how. They are concerned about increasing stress, and declining mental health in the workplace. They want to future-proof themselves, their teams, and their organisations. They seek a partnership to build their capability in MENTAL WELL-BEING and RESILIENCE, to drive personal, and professional and business GROWTH in a sustainable way.




COACHING programs for MENTAL WELL-BEING and RESILIENCE are offered to corporate executives, leaders and professionals in two ways:


Where an organisation seeks to invest in leadership capability.


Where an individual seeks to invest in their own personal and professional development.


Workshops / Training

Workshops are focused on building capability in MENTAL WELL-BEING and RESILIENCE.

Workshops may be adapted to suit organisational needs. Information on the full range of courses available can be found on the Phynix Initiative website.


This workshops provide a general perspective of mental health and well-being and provides you skills to help you go beyond just asking “R U OK?”

EMPOWER – 2 Hour information session

EMPOWER+ – 4 Hour interactive session

Mental Health First Aid

Courses to training people in the skills of Mental Health First Aid. 

Teams on PHIRE

Processes and strategies to build teams that are Purposeful, Heart Driven, Intentional, Risk Aware and Enjoyable.


These programs focus on promoting health and improving an individual’s ability to manage stress while supporting others in building resilience.

PR6 – Focuses on the 6 Domains of Resilience.

HART – A specialised resilience program targeted at building mental strength in workers exposed to extreme stress.